Questo mese mi sono lanciata in un acquisto di libri consistente che sommato a quello del mese scorso e a quello che farò molto probabilmente fra poche settimane (che riguarderà storie già in odor di Natale) porta i miei romanzi in attesa di essere letti ( la famosa TBR pile= To Be Read Pile, cioè la pila dei libri da leggere) a un numero che... preferisco non sapere! Ma come si fa, ce ne sono talmente tanti ! ( Sì, se vi decidete a leggere in ingelse, vedrete che pacchia...centinaia di titoli fra cui secgliere ogni mese! ;o)
In questo caso la mia scelta è caduta come al solito sui generi che prediligo: storico e contemporaneo con un po' di romantic suspense incluso.
Ecco i miei nuovi acquisti...

TEN THINGS ABOUT YOU  di Julia Quinn (#3 Bevelstoke)
Ten Things You Should Know About This Book
1. Sebastian Grey is a devilishly handsome rogue with a secret.
2. Annabel Winslow's family voted her The Winslow Most Likely to Speak Her Mind and The Winslow Most Likely to Fall Asleep in Church.
3. Sebastian's uncle is the Earl of Newbury, and if he dies without siring an heir, Sebastian inherits everything.
4. Lord Newbury detests Sebastian and will stop at nothing to prevent this from happening.
5. Lord Newbury has decided that Annabel is the answer to all of his problems.
6. Annabel does not want to marry Lord Newbury, especially when she finds out he once romanced her grandmother.
7 is shocking, 8 is delicious, and 9 is downright wicked, all of which lead the way to
10. Happily. Ever. After.
*Puoi acquistare questo libro QUI su IBS.

To some, he is an assassin. To others, he’s merely the man who gets the job done when no one else can. Now politico-military black-ops leader Roman Chernichenko has to take out the leak in an espionage plot that could destabilize all of Africa. Nothing will distract him from his mission. Not even the deliciously appealing blonde who’s awoken his deepest desires—and just happens to be his target...
Tanya Ruston is a beautiful and brainy do-gooder—and now Roman is supposed to dispose of her when all he really wants to do is seduce her. Soon it’s clear Tanya’s no information agent—and now that his conscience has gotten the better of him, he and Tanya are on the run from the good guys and bad. If they’re going to make it out alive, Roman will have to act fast—and stop thinking about how he’s going to get his feisty new charge down the aisle...
*Puoi acquistare questo libro QUI su IBS.

INSTANT GRATIFICATION di Jill Shalvis (#2 Wilder Adventures)
Wishful, California, is 3000 miles from Dr. Emma Sinclair's last job in a New York City ER. It may as well be another galaxy. Here, running her father's clinic for a summer, Emma treats bee stings, stomach flu, and the occasional pet cat. Plus, she has to contend with patients like Stone Wilder: gorgeous, laid-back, and irritating beyond belief. The man laughs at her. A lot. And Emma loathes him. All except that tiny part of her that wants to throw him on her examining table and break every doctor-patient rule in the book. When Stones tries to help Emma learn to loosen up a bit, he pictures white-water rafting or scenic mountain hikes. Not a mind-blowing affair that shakes them both to the core. Emma's sure she has no place in a town like Wishful, but Stone knows different. Emma belongs here - in this town, in his life. It is convincing that this strong-minded, stubborn, sexy woman of that fact will be a challenge no Wilder man could resist.
*Puoi acquistare questo libro QUI su IBS. 

DEADLY PROMISES di Sherrilyn Kenyon & Dianna Love, Cindy Gerard, Laura GriffinTHESE HEROES ARE 100 PERCENT RAW, DANGEROUS, AND . . . UNDENIABLY SEXY. New York Times bestselling authors Sherrilyn Kenyon, Dianna Love, and Cindy Gerard and rising romance star Laura Griffin mix seduction and suspense in three irresistible romantic adventures. From sultry international jungles to the rugged terrain of the American Southwest, join the larger-than-life, scorching-hot alpha heroes of the Bureau of American Defense, Black Ops, Inc., and the U.S. Navy SEALs for all the pulse-pounding, heart-racing, toe-curling excitement. They're cool under pressure, steamy under the sheets, and when the enemy strikes, there's not a lethal mission these gorgeous men can't handle. . . .Just Bad Enough by Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love Leave No Trace by Cindy Gerard, Unstoppable by Laura Griffin.
*Puoi acquistare questo libro QUI su IBS. 

 LORD OF THE NIGHT di Susan Wiggs
From bestselling, award-winning novelist Susan Wiggs comes this classic tale of danger and romance. Winner of the RITA® Award, the highest honor from Romance Writers of America, it is an enthralling, unforgettable tale of the dark allure of passion and the enduring power of love.
Under cover of night. . .
Sandro Cavalli, Lord of the Night, is legendary for bringing criminals to justice. But in the city's shadowy alleyways, a new, deadly plot is afoot—a sinister threat that even Sandro needs help to uncover.
He enlists the aid of an alluring, sensuous beauty, Laura Bandello. But Laura's innocent loveliness may hide a dark secret, and Sandro vows to keep his distance. Yet the deeper he delves into the underworld, the harder he falls for Laura. Pursued by unspeakable danger, Sandro risks his honor, his reputation, and even his heart—all for the love of a mysterious beauty he can't quite trust.
*Puoi acquistare questo libro QUI su IBS   

The Kelly Group International (KGI): A super elite, top secret, family-run business.
Qualifications: High intelligence, rock hard body, military background.
Mission: Hostage/kidnap victim recovery. Intelligence gathering. Handling jobs the US government can’t…
It’s been one year since ex-Navy SEAL Ethan Kelly last saw his wife Rachel alive. Overwhelmed by grief and guilt over his failures as a husband, Ethan shuts himself off from everything and everyone.
His brothers have tried to bring Ethan into the KGI fold, tried to break through the barriers he’s built around himself, but Ethan refuses to respond… until he receives anonymous information claiming Rachel is alive.
To save her, Ethan will have to dodge bullets, cross a jungle, and risk falling captive to a deadly drug cartel that threatens his own demise. And even if he succeeds, he’ll have to force Rachel to recover memories she can’t and doesn’t want to relive—the minute by minute terror of her darkest hour—for their love, and their lives, may depend on it.
 *Puoi acquistare questo libro QUI su IBS   

A Restoration era love story inspired by the character of the Earl of Rochester, King Charles II’s court poet who was rumored to be the model for Emily Bronte’s Heathcliff. William de Veres, the handsome son of a hard-drinking cavalier was abandoned at an early age to a brutal school system and a predatory and abusive tutor. He soon discovers the escapes of poetry, literature, alcohol and sex, and the defenses of a sharp sword and lacerating wit. As a titanic struggle erupts between parliament and king, William takes up arms in the Royalist cause and pursued by Cromwell’s men finds himself seeking shelter from a sober young Puritan woman in a cottage deep in the woods.
 *Puoi acquistare questo libro QUI su IBS   

MONEY,HONEY di Susan Sey
FBI Agent Elizabeth Brynn has dedicated her life to her job, having earned her position through hard work and a firm belief in law and order. She played strictly by the book until she recruited a notorious jewel thief as an informant-a professional criminal who used his wicked ways to tempt her into something more personal...

Patrick O'Connor assisted the Feds for three years before going legit. Now a successful crime novelist, he wheels and deals his way around Hollywood, getting anything and everything he desires-except a certain federal agent who remained immune to his charms...

Cop and robber are unexpectedly reunited when Patrick agrees to go undercover to help bust a counterfeiter-but his true motive is to get Liz under the covers, and she's not sure she can keep her hands to herself this time...
*Puoi acquistare questo libro QUI su IBS    

THREE NIGHTS WITH A SCOUNDREL di Tessa Dare (#3 Stud Club Trilogy)

In Tessa Dare’s dazzling new trilogy, the men of the Stud Club live and play by their own rules—until passion changes the game. The bastard son of a nobleman, Julian Bellamy is now polished to perfection, enthralling the ton with wit and charm while clandestinely plotting to ruin the lords, ravish the ladies, and have the last laugh on a society that once spurned him. But after meeting Leo Chatwick, a decent man and founder of an elite gentlemen’s club, and Lily, Leo’s enchanting sister, Julian reconsiders his wild ways. And when Leo’s tragic murder demands that Julian hunt for justice, he vows to see the woman he secretly loves married to a man of her own class.
Lily, however, has a very different husband in mind.  She’s loved Julian forever, adores the man beneath the rakish façade, and wants to savor the delicious attraction they share—as his wife. His insistence on marrying her off only reinforces her intent to prove that he is the only man for her. Obsessed with catching a killer, Julian sinks back to the gutters of his youth, forcing Lily to reach out with a sweet, reckless passion Julian can’t resist. Can her desire for a scoundrel save them both—or will dangerous secrets threaten more than their tender love?
 *Puoi acquistare questo libro QUI su IBS   

RECKLESS di Anne Stuart ( #2 House of Rohan)
Adrian Alistair Rohan lost his faith, and now, a dedicated member of the depraved Heavenly Host, he loses himself in his only pleasure: the seduction and debauchery of beautiful women. Rich, charming and devastatingly skilled in the arts of love, he never fails in his conquests…until Charlotte Spenser.
Charlotte is facing a desolate, passionless future, none of which matters to Adrian, who imagines her a toy until better prey arrives. But beneath her drab exterior, Charlotte is a woman as enchanting as she is brilliant and, lured into Adrian's world, soon she becomes the seducer, and he the seduced…. *Puoi acquistare questo libro QUI su IBS    

BREATHLESS di Anne Stuart ( #3 House of Rohan)
Ruined beyond repair and shunned by London society, lovely Miranda Rohan rebelliously embraces the freedom that comes from having nothing left to lose. However, this dangerous course throws her under the power of the darkly enigmatic Lucien de Malheur—known to many as the Scorpion.
Seeking to destroy the Rohans, Lucien traps Miranda in a marriage she thinks is based on friendship but instead is rooted in vengeance. Yet even when she realizes the truth, their enmity fuels a shocking passion—and perhaps even more.
Such a man might drive anyone to murder….
*Puoi acquistare questo libro QUI su IBS     

C'è qualche libro fra questi che vi piacerebbe leggere o vedere pubblicato anche in Italia? Lasciate un commento.

6 commenti:

  1. eh eh, anche la mia TBR pile ormai sta raggiungendo dimensioni ragguardevoli quanto spaventose e ogni volta sono a comprare nuovi libri, dovrei davvero "darci un taglio" nel senso di tagliarmi le mani perchè è un tunnel senza fine (=drogata).
    Dei libri che hai proposto sono particolarmente interessanta a quello di Julia Quinn, non ho letto molto di questa autrice e neanche il resto della serie, ma la trama è particolarmente affascinante e saporita =)
    Anche Money Honey sembra particolare, questi due sarei certa di comprarli di sicuro, se li pubblicassero in Italia, speriamo bene, io incrocio le dita!

    PS: complimenti per il gusto, mi piacciono quasi tutti i titoli che hai scelto!

  2. Ciao Francy, bei libri.
    A me hanno particolarmente incuriosito 'The Dakest Hour' di Maya Banks, un'autrice che non conosco; e 'Lord of the Night' di Susan Wiggs, che invece conosco e apprezzo.
    Devo dire che anche le copertine fanno il loro bell'effetto!
    Salutoni. Rachele.

  3. Che bello mi ispirano parecchi dei romanzi che hai preso!!! Tra questi ho già letto la trilogia della Stuart e mi è piaciuta molto! Certo tra i tre non tutti mi hanno "catturato" allo stesso modo, ma la Stuart è la Stuart.....

  4. Wow! Vorrei leggere la Dare e la Stuart. E li prenderò. Anche Money, honey, della Sey: Vedo che sei molto contemporary oriented, lately.
    Di quelli che hai preso come sai ho letto solo quello della QUinn, Ten things. Mi è piaciuto, ma non quanto il precedente, What happened in London.

  5. Speravo che vedendo questi titoli poteste trarre ipirazione mie care!

    @Ladyvampiretta : anche a me la Sturatpiace a scatola chiusa ma il primo di questa serie mi ha delusa. spero che gli altri siano meglio.

    @Viv : eh, sì, bisogna alternare se no duchi e duchesse mi escono dalle orbite! Hai visto quello della James ambientato in epoca della Restaurazione? Un'ambientazione un po' diversa una volta ogni tanto! Sono davvero curiosa di leggerlo !Broken Wing come sai non mi era dispiaciuto e so ceh questo ha ottenuto buone recensioni. Dicono molto bene anche dell'ultimo della Dare, io per il momento non ho letto niente di lei...vedremo.


  6. Da premettere che nonostante non legga in inglese la mia pila di libri ha raggiunto ormai dimensioni incontrollate. Tra i libri proposti interessanti sono:quello della Quinn, naturalmente, i due della Stuart, quello della Dare e di Susan Wiggs infine Money, Honey che sembra carino. Niki.


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