Nuovi acquisti di luglio...I can't help myself!

Okay, lo ammetto rientro a pieno titolo nella schiera delle lettrici compulsive, che più libri hanno più ne vorrebbero avere! Sono proprio una di quelle che gli americani chiamano romance junkie (drogata da romance) e tutt'altro che pentita! La mia TBR pile sarebbe davvero altissima se avessi voglia di mettere davvero uno sull'altro tutti i romanzi che ancora ho da leggere, ma questo non mi ferma certo da desiderarne altri, molti altri...una vera malattia da romance!

Così anche questo mese, giusto per non smentirmi, non ho potuto fare a meno di acquistare oltre ai romanzi che già avevo messo nella mia lista dei libri da leggere quest'estate (ma non ancora usciti), anche altri, che quando ho fatto la lista ancora non avevo addocchiato...

Chi è come me conosce bene la bella sensazione che si prova all'apertura di un pacco di nuovi libri, una strana emozione quando ce li troviamo lì tutti davanti, colorati, belli da guardare e da toccare, persino da annusare! (ho molti ebooks ma non c'è niente al mondo come il libro di carta...
it's the real thing!) e che voglia di cominciare a leggerli tutti insieme!

Eccoli qui i miei nuovi libretti...

...quelli che avevo già in previsione di leggere...

A LADY'S SECRET di Jo Beverley ( storico)

When Robin Fitzvitry, the fun-loving Earl of Huntersdown, encounters a cursing nun in a French inn, he can't resist the mystery. He offers to help Sister Immaculata reach England, expecting amusement on the tedious journey home from Versailles.

Petre d'Avernio is not exactly a nun, though she has spent years in an Italian convent with her mother, whose death has left her in danger. She must find the only person who might protect her-her true father, an English lord who does not know she exists. The gorgeous earl Robin Fitzvitry will be a dangerous ally, but she's glimpsed her pursuers and must race to the coast. She will resist him, use him, and eventually escape him with her virtue and secrets intact-she hopes.

MOVING TARGET di Cheyenne McCray (romantic suspense)

Ani King left her entire life behind when the Russian mafia brutally murdered her family. The Witness Security Program has kept her safe for two years, but with one simple phone call her cover is destroyed—and there is only one man left who can save her.
Protecting the brave, beautiful Ani became more than just a job a long time ago for Deputy Marshal Daniel Parker. And now, just days before the trial where she’s slated to give a damning testimony, the criminals who want her dead are on her trail. To keep Ani safe, Daniel has to keep her close—and her enemies closer. Because soon there’s nowhere for Ani to hide…but in his arms.

TALL TALES AND WEDDING VEIL di Jane Graves (contemporaneo)

Accountant Heather Montgomery is a planner. So never in her wildest dreams did she think she'd run into sexy charmer Tony McCaffrey in Vegas, play lady luck, and celebrate his jackpot with a champagne-soaked night. And she certainly never expected to wake up the next morning married! How could this good girl pick a man whose fridge is empty and whose apartment is a disaster zone, yet still drives her so crazy with lust she can't see straight? Quickly hitched and happily ditched, Tony can't wait to get back to his playboy ways. But when Heather's family is thrilled that their no-nonsense daughter is finally in love, he proposes a plan: stay married for a month to repay his good luck charm, even though she sterilizes his toothbrush and forbids anything between the sheets. But Heather is more than he bargained for--a sharp-witted, passionate woman who just might turn his near miss into wedded bliss !

...e le novità...

DELICIOUS di Sherry Thomas ( storico)

Famous in Paris, infamous in London, Verity Durant is as well-known for her mouthwatering cuisine as for her scandalous love life. But that’s the least of the surprises awaiting her new employer when he arrives at the estate of Fairleigh Park following the unexpected death of his brother.Lawyer Stuart Somerset worked himself up from the slums of Manchester to become one of the rising political stars of England’s Parliament. To him, Verity Durant is just a name and food is just food until her first dish touches his lips. Only one other time has he felt such pure arousal—a dangerous night of passion with a stranger, a young woman who disappeared at dawn. Ten years is a long time to wait for the main course, but when Verity Durant arrives at his table, there’s only one thing that will satisfy Stuart’s appetite for more. But is his hunger for lust, revenge—or that rarest of delicacies, love? For Verity’s past has a secret that could devour them both even as they reach for the most delicious fruit of all…

**** Questo non vedo davvero l'ora di leggerlo! Adoro la Thomas! Urge immediato scambio di libri nella Summer List! Così come farò per quello qui sotto, anche se è la riedizione di un romanzo del 1991, ma la Balogh è sempre una garanzia!

THE IDEAL WIFE di Mary Balogh ( Regency)

When Miles Ripley, Earl of Severn, learns that his mother and sisters are about to descend upon him in London, he is in despair. For they have a bride picked out for him and are busy with wedding plans-and he does not know how to say no. They love him, and the trouble is that he loves them too. He vows to his best friend that if only someone would set before him the plainest, dullest, most ordinary female, he would marry her without delay.He is not really serious, of course, but the very next day a woman who resembles the one he described to an uncanny degree appears in the visitors' salon of his home, claiming a distant kinship and begging for a reference so that she can seek employment. Suddenly Miles becomes very serious indeed and offers her something quite different from what she expects.The only problem is that Abigail Gardiner is not at all the woman Miles judges her to be during that first encounter. Because she has just been dismissed from her employment for insubordination and is feeling rather desperate, she has come to the earl-a very distant relation indeed-with a deliberately plain, demure mien.The drastic mistake Miles has made does not bode well for the future!

THE DUKE OF SHADES di Meredith Duran (storico)

Sick of tragedy, done with rebellion, Emmaline Martin vows to settle quietly into British Indian society. But when the pillars of privilege topple, her fiancé's betrayal leaves Emma no choice. She must turn for help to the one man whom she should not trust, but cannot resist: Julian Sinclair, the dangerous and dazzling heir to the Duke of Auburn. In London, they toast Sinclair with champagne. In India, they call him a traitor. Cynical and impatient with both worlds, Julian has never imagined that the place he might belong is in the embrace of a woman with a reluctant laugh and haunted eyes. But in a time of terrible darkness, he and Emma will discover that love itself can be perilous -- and that a single decision can alter one's life forever. A lifetime of grief later, in a cold London spring, Emma and Julian must finally confront the truth: no matter how hard one tries to deny it, some pasts cannot be disowned...and some passions never die.

THE MAN BEHIND THE COP di Janice Key Johnson (contemporaneo)

Being a big-city cop and being in control means everything to Bruce Walker. He knows how destructive a man can be when given the chance. That's why he's vowed never to get involved.
All that changes the moment he meets psychologist Karin Jorgenson. The connection between them is instant, intense.something he's tempted to explore. Regardless of how Bruce feels, though, he can't let go of everything he knows. His control is even more important now that they're involved in a domestic violence case. Karin insists he's a different man than the one he sees in the mirror. But can he trust her - and himself - enough to open his eyes and see it, too

Adesso, a parte parlarne, non mi rimane che iniziare a leggerli !

Come vanno le vostre personali letture estive? Soddisfatte o deluse ? Quanti libri avete letto? Quanti pensate di leggerne? (Facciamo un sondaggino flash!)

3 commenti:

  1. Sono un pò indietro sulla tabella di marcia, ho appena finito Shadows of the night di Lydia Joyce. Bello, ma si perde nel finale che praticamente manca. Un vero peccato.

  2. Ciao Weirde, ero giusto curiosa di sapere com'era questo romanzo. Se scriverai la recensione sono proprio curiosa di leggerla...però la copertina è bella, come del resto tutte quelle dei romanzi precedenti. E' stata fortunata, non sembra ma per un'autrice emergente avere un romanzo con una coverart che cattura l'attenzione è importantissimo!


  3. Almeno tu sei drogata solo di Romance io lo sono anche di gialli e thriller per cui immagina la mia pila di libri quanto sarà alta! :P


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